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The El Paso Kress™ Building is one of the most significant examples of substantially intact historic structures in downtown El Paso that features architectural terra-cotta rendered in an Art Deco style as the primary design feature.

Kress Building

The KRESS™ Building is a shining star of multi-culturalism. Taking cues from Mayan, Spanish, and Indian architecture with a mix of Spain’s Muslim Mosques, this KRESS™ Building made waves in the architectural world and today is still a mark of artistic excellence.

Five and Dime

Kress Five and Dime department store chain was a staple across the United States in the early 1900’s. They were the perfect gathering spots and somewhere to grab a quick bite or a coffee -- while offering everything from birthday cakes to cosmetics, at affordable prices.

Samuel henry Kress

In the 1900's Samuel Kress made waves throughout the United States with his "Five and Dime" department store chain. His retail locations were not just great stores, they were also celebrated as architectural wonders. Kress was also a connoisseur of classic art and amassed a mainly Italian Renaissance-based art collection of more than 3,000 works. After his passing, he had 59 pieces donated to the city of El Paso’s Art Museum. Today it is known as The Kress Collection.

edward Sibbert

In the twenty-five years he served as Samuel Kress‘ Vice-President of Architecture, Edward Sibbert built and rebuilt over one-hundred and fifty Kress Five and Dime stores across the United States, each in his own ground-breaking style.